Laurent Hoffmann is a freelancer for online media & videography

He is a one man army for online media. After studying PR & communications he wrote for VICE and The Creator's Project before working as a community & documentation manager for a think tank in Berlin. Now he does online media for IRIEDAILY, directed and produced an award winning best practice crowdfunding clip for Culinary Misfits and did client video work for NGOs like WWF, Caritas, Stiftung Mercator, ArbeiterKind.de, Silent Climate Parade, amm.

Latest projects

  • POC21 innovation camp for open-source sustainability: video & editorial work for the live magazine
  • A photo reportage of the refugee transit camp in Adasevci, Serbia.
  • Some more...

    He makes films, takes pictures, does the taxes for thrift stores, likes cooking, DIY & loud music.

    He lives in Berlin, Germany and is available for freelance and other job opportunities. Get in touch.


    Thank you to all people who I worked with.


    Editorial, translation & localization: VICE magazine, VBS.tv (†), The Creator's Project DE (†), IRIEDAILY, POC 21 live magazine


    Web: The Black Power Mixtape, Veist Kleidergeschichten, Veist Plattenschrank, Inborn (†), Türkisch für Feinschmecker

    Consulting, Online Marketing, Social Media, SEO: Iriedaily


    People: Palomar5, Rocks, Silent Climate Parade 2011, Visioning Workshop, transmediale, #failcon

    Concerts: Cry me a river, Various

    Things: Veist Kleidergeschichten, Veist Kleidergeschichten Verleih, Tunnelbana Subway Stockholm, Tweetsized

    Travel: Iceland, Lazio


    Mixtapes: The Black Power Mixtape, II.II.II † oursocietyisfuckedup, Twinkle toed & angst laden, Just because you’re better than me doesn’t mean that I’m lazy (†)

    Music Production: Fruit Bzt (Ambient/Drone), Daughters & Orchids (Postrock), >play!sedate (Triphop), The seven sisters of sleep (IDM)

    Sound Recording: Object Oriented – Rafael, Object Oriented – Giles, Object Oriented – Felicia

    Voice Synchronization: Bildungsfilm - Berufsinfofilme Luxemburg


    Feel free to email me or drop me a line on twitter.
    Ask for encrypted communication via Telegram or ProtonMail.

    Mail (not encrypted)